Monday, February 16, 2009

While cleaning out the storage container at the original Gringoeaters office on Newcaster Place I came across some archival  footage of  Gringoeaters founder and former C.F.O Lafcadio Bolivar.

 Now a lot of you younger team members know Mr. Bolivar as the focussed, somewhat stern man whose face stares down from behind my desk.  Well to me his portrait is like a guardian angel. Before his untimely death, and my subsequent helming of C.F.O. duties, Mr. Bolivar was my mentor,  guiding a young man filled with the naive theories of schooling through the real world with all its pitfalls, problems, and possibilities. And that spirit lives on here at Gringoeaters and our Junior Management Team Time program. I hope you all read through the application Carl dilligently prepared. I think your collective enrollment in the program would be a fitting tribute to Lafcadio Bolivar's memory; Mr. Bolivar passed away at the first Team -Time program, and though the memories are bittersweet  I know he would be proud of the wisdom and and tradition we pass on in his name. Unfortunately I will not be attending this year's retreat, but I will be joining you via the internet at the final night's jamboree.

Hephaestus Gray

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