Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Que pasa, senor?


Just finding different and frustrating ways to waste the precious minutes I could be using to do something productive… So I've decided to blow my head out with the endless possibilities of the blogosphere; rich editors, template customizations, client-side scripting, domain linking – not to mention the useless navel-gazing vanity projects that all of these things appear to be. So I thought if I got a better sense of blogging – by taking one out for a spin, I would get a sense if there'd be any other value to these things in the age of the Dead Letter Post Office or not…


Speaking of gringo eaters, imagine if all these (how many did Lou Dobbs say? 12 million? 22 million??) illegal immigrants really did end up relying on WASP meat for their brown zombie souls? That might make for a fantastic 3-d fear movie, huh? Get Carlos Mencia as the lead…