Monday, February 16, 2009

While cleaning out the storage container at the original Gringoeaters office on Newcaster Place I came across some archival  footage of  Gringoeaters founder and former C.F.O Lafcadio Bolivar.

 Now a lot of you younger team members know Mr. Bolivar as the focussed, somewhat stern man whose face stares down from behind my desk.  Well to me his portrait is like a guardian angel. Before his untimely death, and my subsequent helming of C.F.O. duties, Mr. Bolivar was my mentor,  guiding a young man filled with the naive theories of schooling through the real world with all its pitfalls, problems, and possibilities. And that spirit lives on here at Gringoeaters and our Junior Management Team Time program. I hope you all read through the application Carl dilligently prepared. I think your collective enrollment in the program would be a fitting tribute to Lafcadio Bolivar's memory; Mr. Bolivar passed away at the first Team -Time program, and though the memories are bittersweet  I know he would be proud of the wisdom and and tradition we pass on in his name. Unfortunately I will not be attending this year's retreat, but I will be joining you via the internet at the final night's jamboree.

Hephaestus Gray

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Planning

Hello, all.

As old man Winter starts to tire a little in these waning days of February, I just wanted to send a reminder that unlike last year, both this Spring's Country Retreat and the semi-annual Junior Management Team-Time Seminar will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Based on last year's seminar survey feedback (thanks to the "diligent dozen" who actually completed them) as well as the unfortunate pie-shortage incident, we've decided that we would have to cap the number of attendees for both of these popular functions. Our General Counsel has also determined that we may risk violation of some of the Company by-laws as well as the Municipal statutes governing the transport of farm animals in Class 2 vehicles, so we will not be able to shoulder-sheep from stop to stop on this year's retreat at TurtleBerry Hills. For more information about this year's changes, please familiarize yourself with our policies regarding off-site socials:


Anyway, if you think you're JM-material and are ready to hack the boot camp like Mav and Goose, see Fran Jenkins in HR to sign up for the seminar as soon as possible. Please be sure to bring your last two evaluations and TB/urine/blood screen result sheets, too.

The registration WebSite for this year's Country Retreat is this link here

If you have any questions, please see Paul Kirkwood or myself.

Thank you and have a Great President's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holiday party

Hey gang,

Just received some video from this year's Gringoeaters Holiday Party what a great band:

The Holidays are a wonderful time to gather with friends and families and re-connect. But it seems some choose to re-connect in the office supply room. Now I was a young man once and have had my fill of holiday spirit ( I want to thank Ms. Kasabian for bringing her famous non-alcoholic Glug again this year) but paper doesn't grow on trees people! Technically it grows inside trees, but that is not the point.  I will not try to single out anyone or two people but several reams of card stock and 60lb canary legal sized were irredeemably creased, so as a precautionary measure I am having Ms. Kasabian (My wife wants that recipe!!) change the lock on the supply room and she will hold the only key. 

Happy New Year

Hephaestus Gray


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to Gringoeaters -Vertically integrated solutions for a changing world

Started in the summer 1978 by two college roommates over glasses of  homemade root beer Gringoeaters has steadily and consistently become synonymous with innovative strategies able to tackle shifting economic  and geo-political landscapes; Whether the prosaic concerns of Main Street or the challenges of infrastructure development in the third world, Gringoeaters can assure your business the flexibility and strength needed to navigate today's complex business world.


Hephaestus Gray

Gringoeaters Industries and Management

Monday, February 2, 2009

I wish, you wish, Jewish.


Allan Sherman

So it's probably due to the fact that I watched some 'American History of Humor Special' or something last week, but if I had to be Jewish today, I think it would have to be Allan Sherman.  Obviously, there are innumerable choices (even within the satirical/musical crossroads), but I just can't seem to get "Hello Mudda" and "Harvey and Sheila" out of my head.