Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Planning

Hello, all.

As old man Winter starts to tire a little in these waning days of February, I just wanted to send a reminder that unlike last year, both this Spring's Country Retreat and the semi-annual Junior Management Team-Time Seminar will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Based on last year's seminar survey feedback (thanks to the "diligent dozen" who actually completed them) as well as the unfortunate pie-shortage incident, we've decided that we would have to cap the number of attendees for both of these popular functions. Our General Counsel has also determined that we may risk violation of some of the Company by-laws as well as the Municipal statutes governing the transport of farm animals in Class 2 vehicles, so we will not be able to shoulder-sheep from stop to stop on this year's retreat at TurtleBerry Hills. For more information about this year's changes, please familiarize yourself with our policies regarding off-site socials:


Anyway, if you think you're JM-material and are ready to hack the boot camp like Mav and Goose, see Fran Jenkins in HR to sign up for the seminar as soon as possible. Please be sure to bring your last two evaluations and TB/urine/blood screen result sheets, too.

The registration WebSite for this year's Country Retreat is this link here

If you have any questions, please see Paul Kirkwood or myself.

Thank you and have a Great President's Day!

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