Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love distractions at work, but...

 Andrew I enjoy a bit of tomfoolery and a good knock - knock joke, but I don't believe this is the appropriate forum for your particular brand of humor. Also, as the bard said "Brevity is the soul of wit"; There is no need for you to go on and on in such a florid and meticulous way. I love the colorful anecdotes of the Hibernian people and I know your sainted day is nearly upon us, but please tone it down especially as we approach our yearly meeting with the Eurasian division of GE Intl. They may misinterpret your jocularity as a threat.

Good Day,

Cnsglr. Grey


Carl Bessemer said...

Yes, quite well said, HG. Generally, this sort of 'office-cooler' talk is actually *not* frowned upon in scenarios like when the lads in receiving gather round for a recap of last night's game, as long as it's out of ear shot of the You Know Whos. But really, Mr. Laird, we can't be setting examples like these for the um, up-and-coming go-getters, to let them think their computing devices we provide are really convenience gadgets or television consoles or something. Enough said on that, let's move on, shall we?

Hephaestus Gray said...

Agreed. But to show you that I am not entirely without a risible bone in My body I will be providing this electric commons with a few anecdotes I overheard at the Crown and Eel Club. Those curling teams have quite a colorful vocabulary! GE prevails.